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The Henry & Sparrow Series

A darkly humorous  crime collection

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Death Circles by A.D. Fox


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AD's book-by-book guide around this five book crime series

The Dying Dolls
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Book 1 in the Henry & Sparrow series...


Detective Sergeant Kate Sparrow is getting desperate.  A third female runner has just gone missing. 


The first died horribly. Kate knows this. She’s seen the photos. The second, now missing for a month, has almost certainly suffered the same fate; victim of a twisted, deluded artist. Even so there are at least three reasons why DS Kate Sparrow should NOT get Lucas Henry involved.  


1. Lucas is just a dowser - not a superhero.

2. Her boss would never agree to it

3. Lucas might be a murderer.


The first instalment in the rivetingly dark and gratifyingly quirky HENRY & SPARROW crime fiction series, it’s crime… but not quite as we know it. Detective Sergeant Kate Sparrow is a respected officer who has always followed procedure. Lucas Henry is an abstract painter with a curious talent for finding things… including bodies. 


Police work and the ancient art of dowsing don’t always walk comfortably side by side - but if it’s the only way to stop a serial killer, it’s got to be worth breaking a few rules, hasn’t it? A partnership like Henry & Sparrow’s, though, is always going to threaten disaster.


Fast-paced, darkly funny and utterly diverting, THE DYING DOLLS is perfect for fans of LINWOOD BARCLAY, ALEX SMITH and CHRISTOPHER BROOKMYRE

Dead Air
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Book 2 in the Henry & Sparrow series...


When a BBC local radio legend is reported missing, DS Kate Sparrow doesn’t take it too seriously. 


But after he’s found gaffer-taped to the base of a remote transmitter, choked by his own microphone sock, suddenly it's extremely serious.


It doesn’t help Kate that the deceased DJ could have made thousands of enemies through his hard-hitting breakfast show. 


Or that the anonymous caller reporting the grisly find turns out to be Lucas Henry - an artist and reluctant dowser who has crossed her path more than once.


She knows Lucas can find bodies; he’s done it before. However there’s always the suspicion that he might have put them there.


Oh, and he might also have killed her sister.

In this second instalment of the Henry & Sparrow series, a regional radio station harbouring dark secrets puts an end to Kate’s gentle phased return to work. 


Still recovering from the last time she and Lucas Henry shared a crime scene, Detective Sergeant Sparrow is sent to BBC Radio Wessex by her boss in response to a missing persons report


While Lucas, invited on air to talk about his art exhibition, picks up a signed presenter postcard, prompting Sid - his trouble-making dowser’s pendulum - to lead him right back into another murder investigation.


With their own shared and conflicted history constantly simmering below the surface, can this mismatched pair find a killer before another victim gets faded out..?

"When Sparrow meets Henry someone’s always dead,

or about to be…"

Dead Air eBook Cover v2.jpg
Seven Deadly Things
Strip Back 1



Book 3 in the Henry & Sparrow series...


A bluecoats reunion break at a Buntin’s holiday camp is just what DI Kate Sparrow needs after a stressful few months of policing. She’s even dragged her IT nerd of a brother out into the daylight to drive them both there on L plates.

But on arrival, Kate is met with the shock news that an old friend took his life in the pool complex just days beforehand. It’s a bit of a dampener for Kate and her five remaining buddies.

Then another body is discovered. A woman choked in lard

And if Kate didn’t have enough to deal with, she might also be getting hallucinations. Unless that guy she saw in the bar while doing drunken karaoke was actually her dowsing partner in crime-solving, Lucas Henry.

But it couldn’t be…. unless he’s stalking her. And with a shared dark past neither are keen to revisit, why on earth would he?

One detective. One dowser. What could  possibly go wrong?

Death Circles
Strip Back 1



Book 4 in the Henry & Sparrow series...

It’s high summer in Wiltshire - crop circle capital of the world - when a stunning new design is discovered in a wheat field by a party of dog walkers.


With a dead woman in the centre.


It looks as if the victim took her own life, but with another body found in a second crop circle, DI Kate Sparrow is beginning to fear a death cult sweeping her home county.


In ley-line central, many will believe it’s something altogether freakier, and after her recent adventures with dowser Lucas Henry, Kate’s no stranger to dark energy patterns.


But as Lucas is currently on the run for murdering her sister, she’s not going to be calling for his help any time soon.


Which makes it all the more shocking when a distress signal arrives for her from the very man she has learned to hate…

Henry and Sparrow are about to learn the true meaning of a vicious circle…

Death Circles eBook Cover FINAL.jpg
Shallow Endng
Strip Back 1



Book 5 in the Henry & Sparrow series...

When the body of a young woman is found floating in a backwater of Wiltshire’s River Avon it appears she has drowned.

But the deadly nerve agent found in her system points to a much more sinister end - and more deaths will follow.

Under the long shadow of the 2018 Salisbury poisonings, DI Kate Sparrow must hunt a callous killer armed with a deadly toxin known as R.I.P.

And if this wasn’t tough enough, Kate must also deal with her imprisoned sister - a psychopathic murderer who has a grim hold over her life.

Meanwhile artist and dowser Lucas Henry is reluctantly pressed into helping a dying woman find her daughter.

Which brings him crashing back into Kate Sparrow’s life once more - whether she likes it or not.

A body floating in

Wiltshire’s River Avon.

The beginning of the end for Kate and Lucas...?

Shallow Ending Cover FINAL.jpg
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