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A Sharp Intake Of Death

'The first of A D Fox’s new Archie Tozer novels will leave you breathless… with excitement and with laughter. '


Archie Tozer is a tabloid hack with no conscience and he's just given in to a dare.


He has stupidly allowed himself to be hypnotised to speak only the truth for 24 hours.


And as a journalist with sleazy tabloid The Stand, that’s going to be very, very hard to manage.


Meanwhile, fading TV star Paula Hardell is reeling from a front page fat-shaming story Archie has written, and she wants revenge.


Lola Whittaker had such a bad gig last night she blew up a punter’s head.


Normally nice middle-aged mum Karen Carter has just snapped and taken to vandalism, trespass and theft.


All of which means DI Kate Sparrow, taking a well-earned break after some pretty dark murder cases, is going to get reluctantly hauled in to 24 hours of absolute murder.



A rollicking story, with many laughs along the way’ - M Webb


It's bloody brilliant! I loved it’ - N Dalton

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