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About AD Fox

Making her crime fiction debut in the pandemical pandemonium of 2021, AD FOX has been published for fifteen years and won a plethora of awards as author Ali Sparkes.


‘I have always loved writing for young readers, but for many years I harboured the dark secret of really wanting to murder people,’ confesses AD. ‘Happily, only in print. Well, as far as the authorities know…’


Having despatched quite a few characters in her bestselling Shapeshifter Series, she'd always nursed the urge to take it up a gear for her readers outside of school and college - and the cancellation of scores of festival and school event bookings in 2020 provided that silver lining. Time. 


‘It’s been hideous for so many people,’ she says, ‘and I wouldn’t wish a global pandemic on anyone. Obviously. But the extra time has finally allowed me to scratch that crimey itch. Henry & Sparrow is the result.’


Before becoming an author, AD worked as a reporter in local newspapers and later as a BBC broadcast journalist and a comedy writer for BBC Radio 4. Prior to all of this she was a bit of a luvvie and a singer in bands. Her experiences in all these fields have provided a rich background tapestry for the Henry & Sparrow series.


She lives in Hampshire, England, with her husband, occasional boomeranging offspring and a highly porous labradoodle who loves too much. She likes to go running. Not quite so often in the woods since writing The Dying Dolls.

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