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Thanks for dropping in on the website of award winning British author and bestselling crime novelist A D Fox.


This is where you’ll find all the latest information on the Henry & Sparrow crime thriller series, as well as other A.D. Fox novels as they’re published...


Like SHALLOW ENDING - the fifth instalment of the Henry & Sparrow crime thriller series.


You can also take a turn around the workings of my ‘twisted’? mind, find out a bit about the background and the settings of the Henry & Sparrow and Archie Tozer novels by checking out my regular blogs.


As a former newspaper and BBC Broadcast Journalist/Presenter, holiday camp entertainer and runner who shares excursions with a lively dog, you might spot some of my life experiences in my crime thrillers. More about all of this and more on the blog page!

Oh - and help yourself to the free prequel novella for the Henry & Sparrow series, Undertow.


Have a nose around and enjoy…

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